Cake give yor best moment

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Malacca. Enjoy the view.

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Is it true sea water can freeze and form ice plains? Believe it or not, this natural things really happened. In fact, such incidents are said to occur in the Siberian Sea, which is located in the Arctic Ocean and the Okhotsk Sea is located on the island of Hokkaido, north Japan. In both these areas, we could see this become a reality. When this incident happened, the blue sea with waves suddenly appeared hardened andwhitish floor. It seems to be a beautiful marble floor. How could this happen, it was somagical. This incident can be seen every time the cold season ahead. Extreme cold temperatures is believed to be a major factor in the formation of sea ice. According toa theory of the polar ice is a result of fresh water. 

When it melts, the water will overflow into the sea. Properties of fresh water is lessdense than sea water causes it to separate on the sea surface. Then, when winterarrives with a temperature of six degrees Celsius over the negative, the fresh waterwould form a layer of ice the size of less than one meter above sea level. This situationexplains why sea water can be frozen. However, this situation did not last long. Aka Iceon summer break if struck. However, the freezing process often took a long timeperiod.
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HI 2011-new year!

Memory in 2010-at Cameron highlands, MALAYSIA.

Very hope to get something new on this year. I hope to get new car for this year. A lot of memory on 2010, it is time to find the way to get new idea for buy my new car, maybe I would open my new restaurant on this February. This new year make earth birth more  younger.

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Hello world!

5 things that important for you.

1.You may have a problem with you car.

Easy for you to change if you know how to change the tyre. Important is you learn how to change the tyre in case the tyre not working. So you need knowledge. Knowledge very helpful.

2.Life is very meaningful.

You see somebody accident and the person almost die, would you give some help if you do not know how to give help. Here you must learn about first aid, treat a patient and give faster treatment. Books may help you, example emergency medical books. You can help people save their life especially your family.

3.Money all month. Management.

Have a  great day makes you happy, but if something happen one whole day makes a day with bad time. Keep your money at least $800 maybe can help you at the future. In the future if your car have problem, medical, house, or any problem that happen to you, you can solve it faster and not to worry about it. Make your money by savings in the banks.

4.Health important to increase your life.

You want keep healthy, go out to jogging at least 3times a week keep you healthy. Eat fruit and healthy diet. Oatmeal can increase your heart become better and good performance. Do not smoking because this habit send you to grave. Many smokers suffer from cancer and heart disease when they age reaching old.

5.Sex increase life?

Yes sex make us relax, and reduce stress. Sex also reduce the risk of death, it means sex increase age for 2-8 year depend on strength of sex and it make us intimate with loved ones. Only married person can do oral sex, are u agree? I think yes because it remove you from HIV and other disease.


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